Menu For March

February was harsh for us. The flu, car repair, dryer repair and an adult child making choices that forced us to make hard decisions. We had so many financial hits that we were a bit stunned and left with nothing in the bank (again). The bright side is we are still debt free and we have plotted a course to get the emergency fund built up again.

The family has revolted over the set weekly meal plan so I have done a new meal plan for March. We have my birthday and our anniversary as special meals. I am trying two recipes from the Jazzy Vegetarian Classics cookbook to mix things up even more.

Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner Snack
1 Oatmeal Ramen Fruit Fish Cakes, Brussel Sprouts Popcorn
2 Grits Sandwiches Veggie Sticks Sp.Rice w/Blk Bean Special Item
3 Pancakes Potato Salad Nuts/Seeds LO Spaghetti Veggie Sticks
4 Muffins Shrimp Fried Rice Rice Cakes BPs w/Broc Nuts/Seeds
5 Cereal Tuna Casserole Smoothies Corned Beef and Pots Rice Cakes
6 Potato Hash Leftovers Popcorn LO Beans and Rice Popsicles
7 Toast Ramen Fruit Nachos Popcorn
8 Oatmeal Sandwiches Veggie Sticks Pizza Fruit
9 Grits Potato Salad Nuts/Seeds Potato Soup Special Item
10 Pancakes Stir Fry Rice Cakes Greek Salad Veggie Sticks
11 Muffins Veg. Soup (Tom) Nice cream Lentil Loaf, MPs, Veg Nuts/Seeds
12 Cereal Potato Salad Popcorn LO Beans and Rice Smoothies
13 Potato Hash Tuna Casserole Fruit Walnut Stuffed Portobello Rice Cakes
14 Toast Leftovers Veggie Sticks Enchiladas Popcorn
15 Oatmeal Ramen Nuts/Seeds It. Veggie Saute Fruit
16 Grits Sandwiches Rice Cakes Scalloped Pots and Veg Special Item
17 Pancakes Baked Entrée Popsicles Potato, Cabbage and Carrots Nuts/Seeds
18 Muffins Chili Popcorn Jazzy Shis Kababobs Nice Cream
19 Cereal Potato Salad Fruit Veggie Fajitas Rice Cakes
20 Potato Hash Tuna Casserole Veggie Sticks Spaghetti (new) Popcorn
21 Toast Leftovers Nuts/Seeds Steak/Portobello, BP, Salad Fruit
22 Oatmeal Ramen Rice Cakes Potato Soup Veggie Sticks
23 Grits Sandwiches Smoothies Stir Fry Special Item
24 Pancakes Grilled Veg Salad Popcorn Veggie Stew Jello with Fruit
25 Muffins Sandwiches Fruit Mac and Cheese, Veggie Nuts/Seeds
26 Cereal Potato Salad Veggie Sticks Burritos Rice Cakes
27 Potato Hash Tuna Casserole Nuts/Seeds Lasagna, Salad Birthday Surprise
28 Toast Leftovers Rice Cakes Nachos Smoothies
29 Oatmeal Ramen Nice cream Pizza Veggie Sticks
30 Grits Sandwiches Popcorn BPs with Sauted Veggies Special Item
31 Pancakes Fried Rice Fruit Taco Salad Nuts/Seeds

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