January 2018 Goals

To help me make progress on my goals I have broken down each part into sub goals. This month my overall goal is to be more organized.

For my prepping:

Read self reliance/homesteading books

Develop our family emergency plans

Prune the apple trees

Order seeds

Put cash in get home bags

Watch videos on cold weather prepping and survival

Learn to make char cloth

Learn to find North with the stars

Scan and make copies of important documents

Consumption v Production:

Try one new baked good recipe per week

Buy only things we truly need

Buy meat for January from local group home

Water Use:

Switch from taking daily baths to daily showers

Energy Conservation:

Use only line drying for laundry – except towels and sheets

Research plans for solar oven and dehydrator

Home Grown Economy:

Blog weekly

Instagram twice a week

Research home inspector and realtor education requirements, career prospects etc  for future job

Zero Waste:

Start using canning jars for fridge storage

Personal Growth:

Yoga and meditation at least three times a week

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