My 2018 Goals

I like to start the year by reviewing the goals I set for the last year. I ask myself what I really want my life to look like in twelve months, five years and ten years. It isn’t a fifteen minute exercise and does take time and thought. Then I write down the steps that will move me in that direction. Here is my overview of my goals for this year. Each month I will post my steps to help achieve those goals.

Consumption v Production

1 – Reduce packaged goods

2 – Increase bulk buying

3 – Plant and maintain a garden

4 – Reduce meat consumption to 2 times a month (organic and local)

Water Use

1 – Capture more grey water for plants and garden

2 – Reduce baths to once a week and shower the rest of the time ( shower time of 8 mins)

3 – Buy and install rain barrels

Energy Conservation

1- Reduce kWh used

2 – Purchase rechargeable batteries

3 – Buy solar charging panel for phones, batteries, etc

4 – Walk more often to enable walking with boys to Hyvee or Price Chopper

5 – Reduce car use to 2 or 3 times a week (for me and boys)

6 – Build a solar oven and solar dehydrator

7 – Replace clothes dying rack and clothes line

Homegrown Economy

1 – Write blog weekly

2 – Instagram 2 times a week

3 – Explore other lines of income

4 – Attend HOA meeting

5 – Identify local orgs that align with our goals for governance, eco protection, child/animal welfare, social justice and minimalism

6 – Find a spiritual community

7 – Explore non-violent communication and discipline

8 – Reduce all expenditures

Zero Waste

1- Invest in glass containers

2- Get second recycle box

3 – Reduce trash and increase recycling

4 – Transition to organic/homemade cleaners and toiletries

5 – Donate one bag of decluttered items per week

6- Try and buy nothing new – buy used or do without

7 – Attempt to not spend any money not budgeted

8 – Shop locally for goods and services (small biz v big box)

Personal Growth

1 – Practice yoga and meditation 3 times a week (Jan – April) 4 times a week (May – Aug)  5 times a week (rest of the year)

2- Read 1 nonfiction book per month

3 – Get anger issue under control

4 – Better body image

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