A Week of Setbacks

The week we got back from camping started a terrible week for us. To start with, our alpha guinea pig boar was acting strange. He is normally very aggressive and active, not in a bad way but in a top dog sort of way. I woke up and he was lethargic, breathing shallow and making cry noises. His brother made the same cry noises prior to us finding he had bladder stones. I called the vet immediately. He had no openings and recommended another vet. That vet had an opening but was an hour away. The hubby came home from work to watch the boys while I drove the piggy to the vet.

It didn’t have a positive outcome. He had cancer and pneumonia. There could be no treating him that would give him any quality of life. The expense was covered by our pet fund so the expense wasn’t a consideration. We decided the kindest thing to do was to end his suffering and put him down.

Emotionally it was so hard. The past few years we have had several animals (including a 17 year old cat) have to be put down due to illnesses and disease. That comes with having senior pets I suppose. We plan their medical checkups and special diets just like we plan for ours. At this point we have agreed that when our last guinea pig passes we are taking at least a year to recover emotionally from all the loss.

The next set back came when the wiring in our 18 month old dishwasher melted. It’s no longer safe to operate so we are back to washing dishes by hand. Normally that is not an issue but our sink faucet bolts have seized and will no longer turn side to side and so is stuck dead center over the divider of the two compartments of the sink. The house sinking fund is pretty thin so we won’t replace the dishwasher. We bought a new faucet and had the plumber come out to cut out the old one and install the new one. While he was here we had to pay to bring the shut off valves up to code. Cost us twice what I thought it would when I thought it would be a simple swap out. The house fund is now at zero.

Lastly, another adult child has moved back home. Normally not a problem but she brings a significant other with her. The person they were staying with decided they could no longer crash with her and she told them they had ten minutes to get their crap out of her apartment. I’m glad they are some place safe and out of a stressful situation but we had to cancel a day of plans to rearrange the house to give them room. We are now a household of seven.

I’ll take a few days to process the events then I will move forward with rebuilding our sinking funds and adjusting our budgets. The adult children and the friend will all need to sign new household rules and agreements so that there are clearly defined responsibilities and expectations on all sides.

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