Household Cleaning

Our house is never spotless. It is, however, cleaned on a schedule that keeps it from becoming filthy. I also try to clean so that we keep ahead of any colds or illnesses so the whole family isn’t brought down by it.

Vac 1st Floor Sweep Porch and Deck
Vac Couch Dusting
Wipe Down Kitchen Weeding and Yard work
Sweep/Mop Kitchen Filing and Shredding
Table Stairs Laundry
Front Room Car Clothes Up
Sweep Pantry Vac All Floors Ironing
Switches & Knobs Bath 1
Sweep/Mop Baths Bath 2
Laundry Bath 3
Clothes Up
Towels Out  Disposal
Beds Made
Glass Swap Trash Ads List
Sweep Garage Set School Goals
Trash Patrol Pull School Work
Ads List Coupons (cut, pull, up)
Walls Set Next Weeks Work  

I try to leave Saturday free to catch up on anything missed during the week and to do bigger things that require a second adult to do. It is also our grocery day on weeks we shop and our family day on the weeks we don’t.

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