Where did the month go?

I had planned for May to be the month we deep cleaned the house and decluttered the first floor. There was another medical emergency in the first few days that totally smashed that idea to bits. The person is fine but this was life changing for him and the rest of the family.

Within a few hours of the event I made sure that my husband and I and our adult son redid our wills and our medical directives. I did them through legalzoom (not sponsored) because we had used them in the past and our family lawyer said the products were just as good as what she would be able to provide us. This week we will finally sign them and that is one less thing to worry about.

I have managed to get the boys back on track with school work so they will be wrapping up this grade’s work in just a few weeks. We will take a short break then start on the next grade’s work. I’ve already purchased their books so the only thing I am missing is some components for their science and wood working projects.

My father came for a visit this month as well and helped with several electrical issues and installed a fan for us. That took care of a few to dos without too much expense. He has saved us money because he’s and electrician and has been able to correct a (huge) number of issues we’ve had because the builder of the house did things incorrectly.

This brings us to the last few days of the month and a slight pause in the chaos. I need to regroup and reset my goals for June based on what didn’t happen in May. Hope everyone is enjoying the blossoming spring.

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