Lead me not into temptation

Part of my efforts to get back on track is to be totally honest with myself. I know I’d like to be one of the folks who feed their large families on under $300 a month, but I am not there yet. I need to separate my ideal life from my real life.

What exactly are my budget busters? My weaknesses are being too tired to do things that need to be done and not having discipline to stick with plans (be it a budget or a project). How can I deal with being too tired? I know I need to have some meals in the freezer that can be set out on those days we are rushing around. I do this by cooking extra when I make soups or beans.I also allow room in the budget for those things that can make a near instant meal that will help me avoid the temptation of drive thru food.

I also wake up early so I can get work done first thing in the morning. My energy seems to leave in the afternoon. On days where one or the other children have been up (multiple times) at night, I give myself permission to do only the one or two things that really need to be done and take it easier during the day.

To combat not following plans such as my budget, I’ve slowed my purchasing of things for my pantry and focused on immediate needs. A sale isn’t a great deal if it causes you to bust your budget. I also toss sales fliers and catalogs straight in the recycle bin instead of daydreaming about buying things. I also use cash only for local purchases. If you don’t have it you can’t spend it.

To get to where you want to be you need to sit down and have a heart to heart with yourself. Where are you messing up and what can you do to fix it?


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