First Quarter Update 2017

I noticed it has been two months since my last post. There is so much going on and I am still not sure how much I want to share. It isn’t that I am ashamed by what we are dealing with, however it involves others so I want to respect their privacy as much as possible.

Financially things are getting a little better. We have cut our expenses and are beginning to see some breathing room because of it. I am always looking at “side hustles” that don’t take away from the family. My main one is reselling items bought at auctions. This quarter there has only been one and nothing I wanted to bid on.

We tried a few classes with the homeschool co-op we belong to. The class that was under thirty minutes went great. The boys could stay focused and then got to join other kids in the gym for free play. The two hour class is just a little too much instruction for my little guys so it was more a lesson to me that they are not ready for it.

The instability caused in our daily life by several large changes has been very tough on the boys. There have been days that the tears and tempers have been the norm and not the exception. Add to the emotional changes the fact we did an elimination diet and you can imagine how grumpy folks have been.

I plan to makeover this blog in a better format and to be more active. I am increasing what I post on Instagram and Facebook as well.

How are things going for you this first quarter?

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