Harmony House TVP Product Review

Please note there are no affiliate links or referral codes. I will only review products I purchase for my own use so I can keep the reviews honest.

We use TVP (textured vegetable protein) for a number of reasons. It is a shelf stable meat substitute. That makes it easy to store and keep on hand. I use it to make some of my traditional meals in a way that both the vegans and everyone else in the family can enjoy. I use it to pull together a meal when I forget to set something out to thaw. It is also very inexpensive in the cost per meal category.

I originally purchased the sample pack of TVP from Harmony Farms in November. These are gluten free except for the beef-ish bits. The ham-ish bits were fantastic in bean dishes and as topping on salad. The fail I had with them was trying to use them in fried rice but I think that was more to blame on my technique rather than the product.

The beef-ish chunks I used in everything from stew to tacos. They do best in something with a sauce or in a soup and are a huge improvement over some of the plant protein substitutes I have been buying from the frozen section. There is no funky or off putting flavor that I have found with some other products.

Chicken-ish bits have worked splendidly in both soups and chicken and pasta or rice dishes. The greatest compliment was the fact there were no complaints from the non-vegans in the family. We enjoyed the sample pack so much that we purchased larger containers of the TVP in the chicken and beef chunks and in the ham bits. We also purchased some of their dehydrated vegetables and look to buy some of their fruits with our next order.

2017-01-08 10.52.15.jpg

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