Reflections on 2016

Here’s our year end review.

This year seemed to be lived going from crisis to crisis. We had five major health emergencies this year with two being permanent and life altering. No matter what we tried or did, things just seemed to snowball.

Our finances were never the most flush but this year was especially punishing. We had massive medical bills and several home repairs that were out of pocket since we carry high deductibles on both insurances. We had pet crisis as well. In both cases the outcome was not what we had hoped for and we had end of life expenses as well.

Emotionally we are spent. The constant upheaval made our sensitive little guys even more challenging to parent positively. I find myself reflecting that I need to make changes in their schooling and our parenting techniques.

I am questioning a number of things as far as how I handle finances and how I run the household. Changes have to be made so I am taking advantage of the husband and oldest son being off the next week to cram in watching some budgeters on YouTube to get ideas.

Hope the holiday season is a beautiful one for you and yours.

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