Washing Machine Woes

The evening after I posted my blog about getting back on track in September I got my first test. Our five year old washer that we bought at a scratch and dent store quit. Nothing we tried would revive it. Normally we would have enough in our emergency fund to cover the cost of a new to us washer. Right now we have $35 in that account. I have practiced separating my emotions (really you pick now to die on us washer?) and I know I will need to decide what features I want in a replacement and then save up for it.

This won’t be easy. Who really wants to wash and wring out clothes for a family of five several times a week? I can think of several things more fun than that. I have experience in making d0 though. We lived without a stove or oven for about six months. How? I used a hot plate, slow cookers, the grill and my little George Foreman grill. We had our house plumbed for a gas line so I could get a gas stove.  We sacrificed for a few months and paid cash for the new line and the stove we wanted. We lived without a dishwasher for two years. That’s a lot of handwashing. We paid cash and got the one we wanted when it went on sale.

How do I plan to deal with this? I’m so fortunate to have a wash tub plumbed right next to the dryer. It even has a built in wash board. I will wash everything by hand, wringing it all out and either hanging it up to dry like I normally do or tossing it in the dryer if it is sheets or towels. I will figure out what I want in a washer and start looking around. Before you know it the cash can be saved and we can wait until the washer we want is on sale.2016-09-06-07-53-22

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