Start Over September

I follow a number of bloggers and vloggers who are doing No Spend Septembers. One of these years I would like to do one but this is not that year. I follow Sustainable135 on YouTube. She was addressing No Spend September but said she was going to view this month as a Start Over September. I think that is what I will be focusing on here as well.

With the unexpected repairs from storm damage, health emergencies almost every month this year and car repairs just as frequent, our emergency fund is zeroed out. Going from crisis to crisis I fell into some very bad habits. This month we are getting back on track and I have developed some ideas on how to deal with the tempests that will come in the future.

  1. I set up sinking funds. I now have an emergency fund, a car repair fund and a house fund. These are to help keep repairs from wrecking the rest of my budget.
  2. I am developing more recipes that can be made from things on hand in a matter of minutes. I will start sharing these in future blogs.
  3. I am making sure I get more rest. When I’m tired I am less likely to make good choices and less likely to stay positive when the family needs me most. I still make my daily to do lists but I mark one thing as the most important in each area and focus on that.
  4. I am spending more time connecting with the kids and the spouse. When everything is topsy turvy it helps the rest of the family to feel more stable when we take time to really talk and interact. The electronics get turned off and we are just focused on each other.
  5. I am finding free and cheap ways to pamper myself. I might take a fifteen minute soak in the tub after the kids are asleep instead of a quick shower.
  6. I am back on the cash only system to keep impulse spending down.

What are some of the ideas you have for getting back on track after an expensive few months?

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