Having Free Fun on the Trail

It sometimes feels that there is nothing fun to do without spending money. I have lived in rural settings and near a big city. Strange thing is I tend to do the same sort of things no matter where I am. Our favorite no cost thing to do is walk. We love to walk hiking trails and even around town. It is something most people can do and there are quite a few walking trails that are at least in part handicap accessible. That was important when we were pushing a stroller.

We walk our neighborhood and have gotten to know the people that live around us. We have learned more about the flora and fauna in our area. The kids make observations in their journals as part of their homeschooling. It’s been fun finding wild foods and sampling them (only with a guide and only when 100% sure).  There are times when the boys need to be able to burn off energy and a more difficult walk helps them in that quest. It helps me feel calmer to slow down and focus on something other than the never ending to-do list.

2016-05-11 12.42.24

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